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keith.jpgKeith Dickerson

You could say that Keith is the greenest of our team. His house is heated by a wood burning stove fuelled by wood grown on his own plot.

His experience of ICT goes back to the birth of the Internet. As part of his PhD he carried out formative work on routing protocols for the Arpanet.

Keith was a member of the Board of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards institute) from 2003-2017 where he led their work on the Green Agenda, IoT and Smart Cities. Keith was until the end of 2016 a Vice Chair of ITU-T Study Group 5 “Environment & Climate Change” where he led the development of Recommendations on topics such as energy efficiency, assessment of carbon reduction and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

dave.jpgDave Faulkner
You could say Dave is the meanest of the team. He took 1kW year out of his annual fuel bill, saving £1000 and 5 tonnes CO2 entering the atmosphere. He has made further reductions by installing a heat pump, solar panels and a house battery.
His experience of ICT goes back almost to the birth of optical fibre communications. He did much formative work on this in his PhD and in his research career.
He Chaired the Conference on Networks and Optical Communications from 1995-2016 and was visiting lecturer at Essex University. He held several leadership roles in ITU-T including chairing the ITU-T Focus Group on ‘ICT and Climate Change’. He was finalist in the 2011 BT Innovation Awards for the Best Patent.


C.Julia Faulkner

You could say Julia is the leanest of the team. She enjoys a mostly vegetarian diet and likes to ensure that her vegetables come from sustainable sources.
Her law degree and her experience in trusteeship makes her well qualified to keep the ‘boys’ in order and look after the administration of our work.




elaine.jpgNigel Wall

You could say that Nigel is the cleanest of our team. His focus is on improving road transport, reducing CO2 by 15% by providing real-time advice to drivers and fleet operators. Intelligent Transport Systems will also improve safety for both vehicle users and pedestrians. Nigel is an established innovator; he chairs the Royal Institute of Navigation's Land Navigation & Location Group, and the Communications Interest Group at ITS UK, and is a member of the ITS UK Carbon Working Group.  He is a member of the BSI EPL278 (Intelligent Transport), and an Expert attending relevant groups within ISO TC204, CEN TC278, and represents CAL at the ETSI ITS Technical Committee. He benefits from a 2.4kW solar PV array on his roof which gives a useful insight into sustainable energy sources.


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